Sell Me This Pen

February 11, 2014

Every sales manager has been asked this question at least once. In return, they are still using it to recruit their sales team members.


It may look as a simple and stupid question, that has been asked thousands times by lazy interviewers. This is indeed one of the easiest ways for the interviewer to destabilize the candidate and to see how adaptive he can be, and you should be prepared to answer this question before you go for a sales interview.


SELL ME THIS PEN: below is our best answer.



Read here 5 rules to close more deals.



Ask the interviewer the following question: 


- What was your last successful investment? 


Let the interviewer answer you. Then say:


- See, today, we can offer you the same investment with a return that is 1.5 time better and that is guaranteed. Here are some documents to prove it to you.


If you have some paper in front of you, take it and start faking to show him some important documents. Make sure the interviewer think that these papers actually show several graphs with some excellent returns on investments, as well as testimonials from investors and customers - for instance.


- Well, I see you look interested in that investment opportunity, but before we go any futher, would you mind filling out this form for us so we can send you the proper information?



Make things simple and boost your sales.



While you ask the question, make sure to give one of the blank papers in front of view to your interviewer. 


Then, 2 situations are possible:


1 - The interviewer asks for a pen. Demand from him, supply from you. You win.


2 - The interviewer does not ask for a pen. You don't wait and you say:


- You will need a pen to fill our form. I brought one for you here. Do you want to try it? - You win.


See, this is one way to answer the question. There are an infinite numbers of answers, and you only need to know and master one and only one to get the job.


Be ready and write us how you sell your pens in our comments section.

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