5 Rules to Become Super Efficient

March 4, 2014

The most efficient people usually use the same rules without even noticing it. By applying simple rules to your daily life, you will add more room into your schedule, thus allowing you to increase not only your revenues, but also your free time.




Time is your most valuable asset. The most efficient people always attribute a dollar figure to their time.


Start to determine how much your time is actually worth your day. Decide to delegate some of your tasks to your employees. If you do not have employees or if you cannot delegate work to them, then hire a personal assistant.



Have you watched The Wolf Of Wall Street? SELL ME THIS PEN.



Your PA should be working on booking your new meetings with potential clients for instance. Sometimes, your cost of opportunity of missing an important appointment is high and you cannot afford it. Thus, you will be happy to spend money on an assistant whose job is to help you manage your activities and increase your revenues.


2. THE 80/20 RULE


Do you remember that rule? 80% of your results come from 20% of your work. You must learn now what activities bring you the highest return:



How you can achieve 80% of your work in only 20% of your time at work.





Once anything starts to become a habit, it means that you can pass that activity on to somebody else.


Why? Well, as long as you are able to repeat a task, that means that you will likely find another human being able to repeat that task too.


One of the ways to see a quick evolution in your life and in your career is by breaking some of your oldest habits. You may have an exceptional idea tomorrow but no time to implement it. You need to find that time in your schedule. You need to be able to do what you want because it's by doing what you want that you become better. How can you find more time in your day? By stopping some of what you have been used to do, and by starting working on your idea now. Sometimes, it takes as little as skipping an usual breakfast to notice how time can be created easily.


You need to create time to do what you want and to become efficient. You will not become good at something you don't want to be doing. You will become efficient at something you love to do.



How can you motivate people in your team?





Even if you are able to "add" time to your day by breaking some habits, you will still need some to achieve your objectives.


Thus, we believe that you should limit yourself to a few objectives every day. That could be 1 or 2 only, sometimes 3. You should set up your goals the day before, in order to start working on one of them as early as you wake up.




It's time that you trust people around you. You need to be able to delegate freely whatever you do.

Don't work in your company, work for your company.


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