5 Rules to Follow to Build a Website That Sells For You

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The world is spinning faster than ever before, not literally though. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to accomplish something and quite a number of tasks are stuffed into the 24 hour time frame. A lot has changed since the advent of the internet. From personal lives of individuals to the way businesses and even governments are run, technology has been at the core of their immense transformation.

With time constraints looming large, people have taken to carrying out regular to complex tasks through this intricate web. Online information and data transfer has become the order of the day. It is no wonder that many existing businesses, big and small, have now taken the online route and many new enterprises have made only virtual launches.

So, is it not vital for these enterprises to ensure that the conduits to reaching their target audience and carving and climbing their own success ladder are designed and built optimally? The Asian success story is well known now. Unique and pioneering products and services are definitely not the only selling points for any business in Singapore, Hong Kong or for that matter, anywhere in Asia and the world. If you are trying to build your brand in Singapore and Hong Kong, it is necessary to be clued in to the various aspects of building a website that actually sells for you! Here are a few thoughts on how to make your website bring in sales conversions:


As archaic and cliché as it sounds, first impression is the best. People lack time to sift through complex websites, so unless your product is definitely one-of-a-kind or you have already reached your target audience through other means, it is necessary to make the site as clutter-free and easy to navigate as possible. Ensure only important links are provided and rid your site of images that steer customers away from the call for action links and buttons. Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, there are numerous gadgets that people use to browse these days and it is crucial to have a responsive website that provides easy navigation and pleasant user experience in all. Patience is a virtue that no longer exists atleast with respect to commerce and trading, better to be equipped for that donít you think?


As any competent sales consulting company will tell you, online sales endeavor in Hong Kong or Singapore is never going to be successful without proper SEO. This trending concept serves as a major turning point and rakes in excellent ROI for any business. This is definitely not a one-time affair and SEO needs constant monitoring and modifications in accordance with changing trends. For SMEs and entrepreneurs, support from pros will certainly seal the deal.


Closing sales online in Hong Kong and Singapore will be much easier if business websites were to let customers perceive the products and decide. Whether you are selling a product or a service, it is vital to let them have a sneak peek into its workings to help them gauge the benefits in a much better way. If possible offer free trials to help them get a feel of it. This also enables you to monitor traffic and conversions!


You might have easy website navigation but if your customers are not guided towards the pages that you want them to actually visit, conversions might not happen after all. Do not let them get lost in the maze, provide directions to pull them towards the actual selling pages.


A website should generate good ROI but it is most certainly not a one-time effort. Constant monitoring of the returns and adapting to the changing trends of your customers is what will ensure continued success of your site. As preferences change, so should your website. An archaic model in a new age era may be good for collectors but not for buyers.

Creating a website is simple, building one that sells needs a lot of thought and research.

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