How to Lead a Sales Team

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Excelling in sales does not automatically qualify someone to lead a sales team. Though strong sales fundamentals are necessary to increase and boost sales in Singapore and in Hong Kong, leading a team is a different ball game altogether. Does the role of a sales manager in any Singapore SME, regardless of the kind of product he or she handles, end with administering sales activities, processes and achieving group targets?

The answer might have been yes before, not now! With changing economy and times, it is hard to retain customers; brand loyalty simply does not exist anymore. Therefore, to drive sales, it is necessary to ensure that your team is as driven and engaged. Here are few pointers on how you can manage a successful sales team in Singapore and Hong Kong and maximize sales in your SME.


While leading a team, it is important to comprehend and appreciate the fact that no two individuals are the same. From belief systems and educational background to experience, there are many different things that affect a personís style and the best way to create a potent sales team is to mentor them individually. There are those who play by the rules and those who do best to avoid them. It is vital to figure out what works for every individual and coach them accordingly.

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Keep your communication channel open and lucid at all times. Make your expectations known to every single team member. Giving them a point to aim at and guiding them towards that point is the best way to close sales in Singapore and HK. Communication is not a one-time affair, it should be constant, individual and group focused and relevant.


If communicating your expectations is vital, so is monitoring the progress and achievement of goals. Do not shy away from using modern tools and techniques to monitor your team in real-time. From apps to CRM tools there are scores available to perform real-time reviews. Change course, modify routines and transform approaches if need be to ensure that they are on track.


To sell in Singapore, Hong Kong or anywhere else in Asia and in the world, knowledge of various ethnicities, cultures, beliefs and approaches is necessary. Though you might be a store house of such information, it is crucial to give every member the space necessary to bring out the best in them. Too many stringent rules and an extremely hawk-eyed, big-brother approach will not augur well for the overall development of the team.


Money might be a good motivator but definitely not a great one. Giving raises while ignoring their voices or overlooking personal and verbal encouragements and appreciation will only be interpreted by employees as lack of respect. A nice blend of monetary encouragement and occasional pat-on-the-back for their achievements, big or small, will serve to motivate the entire team.

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Social media offers a great way to keep in touch with all your team members, personally and professionally. A close bond and connection will certainly augment their involvement levels.

Leading by example might be a cliché but it holds true even today. Intimidation and bossy attitude might work temporarily but one should remember the trickle-down effect one has on his/her team. After all, respect certainly trumps fear.

If you are looking to enhance your team's performance or need guidance to improve sales, reach us through for the best sales coaching tips in Singapore, HK and in Asia.

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