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The common assumption among every single person who has ever made sales and marketing as his or her career choice is that whoever invented the 24-hour format has not probably been given a sales target. With monthly targets venturing beyond the realms of reasonable and feasible levels and competition building up its strength by the minute, it is no wonder that the marketing and sales departments are probably the most overworked of the lot. Time constraints play havoc and quick and easy access to information and products have made branding and brand sustenance a huge challenge. Monopoly is non-existent in the current scenario. Unless an organization comes up with a product that has never ever been seen before and is virtually impossible to duplicate in future, monopoly will be a utopian dream.

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Customers are awarded innumerable choices and technology is both a boon and a bane for organizations right now. If social media has changed the way life is being lived, it has also changed the way organizations function. As easy as it is for a product or service to become an overnight success or trending topic, it is easy enough for it be torn apart and buried. This is precisely why sales and marketing departments have acquired a new meaning in today's organizations. From branding and brand identity creation and sustenance to effective product and service communication, it is vital to plan and strategize every single move to win this elaborate and tricky game of chess. There is no reason to sound the alarm bells just yet, sales and marketing is a lucrative and highly gratifying career choice. It is necessary to comprehend that hitting the bullís eye is not that difficult a task when planned efficiently. Easier said than done? Not really! Here are few pointers on how you can make things go your way to get maximum sales in minimum time.


It is a recurring thought among thousands of sales and marketing personnel that to sell in Singapore, the strategies need to be complex, intricate and multifarious. It is not a leap considering that Singapore is indeed an amalgamation of different cultures. Yet, simplicity in communication and marketing will certainly yield more results in quick time than dense and complicated strategies.

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Clear-cut and straightforward communication: Many corporate giants like Google and Apple have always kept their communication simple and straightforward. Ever wonder why? Not because they do not need any introduction or brand building but because they have realized the importance of reaching their customers quickly. Too many jargons, tech-talks, complex refer-to-dictionary words, though catchy might not necessarily bring in customers. Reason? People simply do not have the time to think and comprehend complex ideas. It is therefore necessary to tell them what they stand to gain by using your products in a simple and easy to understand manner. Your target audience need not always be customers and clients; they can also be your vendors, suppliers or internal team members. Communication as a word only makes sense if it reaches the one it has been targeted toward.

Simple and Beautiful marketing: It is all about choice, regulation and significance. If your marketing or sales strategy involves constant feeding of information regarding your products to ensure your brand identity is on top of everybody's mind, then you might want to rethink it. As much as you need to build your brand in Singapore, it is necessary to avoid over feeding of information. Bombarding customers with marketing campaigns is only going to drive them away as they get to deal with thousands of such campaigns every day. Irrelevant and unnecessary data will push rather than pull customers and do not forget the negative word-of-mouth! It is vital to make your campaign simple and beautiful.

With the marketing choices available today, it is easy to get carried away but you need to identify and utilize only those strategies that help you build trust while simultaneously making it simpler for customers to make a decision. A combination of strategies is essential but regulation and minimization of the same is equally important. It is a challenging task to get to the point of simplicity that actually drives results but by mixing in the right ingredients, you can make the science of marketing work your way.

Simplicity and lucidity in marketing and communication will certainly save a great deal of time and effort while bringing in the required sales numbers.


Relying on self or internal teams to accomplish all tasks may be thought of as a wise choice, but not always. It is necessary to first weigh the effects and results of such a decision. Prioritizing tasks is an important part of driving sales figures. Know what you need to do and delegate the rest to others.

Tasks that require you or your team's direct attention and involvement should make it to the top of your to-do list. Where a task can be outsourced to organizations or people who specialize in those areas, it should be done without hesitation. Work out ROIs for such a decision and where results trump investments in terms of time and resources, go for outsourcing. After all, time does not wait for anybody.


There are umpteen real-time monitoring and decision enhancing software and technologies. Do not hesitate to spend a few bucks from the allotted budget to bring in these technologies to aid you in making a mark through your sales campaigns. CRM, BI or cloud based sales management software or even simple apps, keep your search for such tools open and utilize them to increase your sales in Singapore.


From effective utilization of technology to simple, efficient yet potent communication, your sales team needs to be equipped with enough ammo to hit their target. Ensuring that they are knowledgeable about all product and service features and are able to put forward the benefits of use in a simple and easy-to-grasp manner is essential for a successful pitch. This simple sales coaching will not only save valuable time but also drive up the sales figures.

With time; attitude, lifestyle and necessities of people change. With technology; power, outlook and perspective of people change. With these inevitable transformations on the cards, is it not essential for all marketing and sales personnel to keep transforming too? The only unchangeable strategy is the simplicity that is needed in your approach. Austerity in marketing works big time! For more simple and workable Sales Consulting Services, reach out to us and we will help you reach those seemingly unattainable sales figures!

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