Get Inspired By The People In SUITS

October 2, 2014

As much as television and movie scripts have drawn inspirations from real life incidents and characters, media too has been a source of great inspiration for many business people. Though, it is up to us to filter the information and imbibe what is relevant and beneficial to our lives.


Media inspirations are not limited to individuals alone. The sudden popularity of fan fiction has opened up new avenues for television shows and movies, which have been inspired from business managers and business leaders.


Among the many shows that seem to mirror various management and non-management positions in an organization, the much watched legal drama SUITS can be considered one of the top contenders. See how it could inspire your business too.



Boasting of a fantastic plot, amazing twists, great character arcs and an equally fascinating cast, SUITS follows the trials, tribulations and lives of those who form a part of the fictional law firm, Pearson Hardman in NYC. The characters, their attributes and attitudes and the situations they find themselves in interestingly mirror many positions in any organization, regardless of its type.


Looking around, wondering which character will suit your colleague best?





The co-founding and managing partner of the firm who was responsible for the meteoric rise of Harvey and who has in turn earned the wrath of Litt on many occasions due to her favoritism can very well be the Chief Executive Officer of your organization.


Who else will be in a position to say, "I am in charge on this side of the ocean" or "If I hadn't done as much for you as I have, I'd be throwing you out the window", with resounding authority? With high level decision making authority, management power and the potency to drive change in the organization, a CEO is the top player in a company, just as Jessica is to hers.




Next time the thought of your PA being this fragile creation of God meant to carry out your orders crosses your mind; you might want to tune into one of the episodes that feature Rachel Zane's power over her much senior colleagues.



Shrewd and smart, this paralegal is aware of her capabilities and is not afraid to use them when needed. Personal Assistants might be assigned tasks that are often considered menial and below grade for a manager but, that certainly might not reflect the potential of the person in question. Business Managers with such street-smart assistants can do well to utilize their charm and intelligence for business information and decisions. 




EA to Harvey, she is privy to many a secret of the Pearson Hardman firm. Having intimate and detailed knowledge of all the top players in the firm, she is completely aware of the nitty gritties of the organizational structure and the politics within.



Intelligent and sharp, she is well capable of wielding the sword of destruction when needed and is respected and feared by colleagues above and below her grade. Strong knowledge about the needs and requirements of the organization, deep insights on the strengths and weaknesses of all personnel which makes them quite feared yet reliable for giving suggestions and recommendations, Donna is a reflection of any HR Manager and her diplomacy and tactics will serve as a great source of information for handling tricky situations, not to mention the files.




Known for being the ever confident go-getter, Harvey can be easily compared to any Sales Leader. Not exactly known to abide and follow, his attitude, considered by most as bordering on arrogance, is an attempt to pull out the maximum off any situation thereby moving towards the target with incredible precision. "I don't play the odds, I play the man", should be enough to tell you how well his character mirrors any Sales Leader. Driven by targets and the will to succeed, he is an excellent risk taker and doesnít bother about losing small battles while chasing the crown. Responsible for motivating, hiring and training new recruits, Sales Leaders, just like Harvey are tremendously dynamic and charming individuals and expert communicators. 





Brilliant with an eidetic memory, his drive to succeed and become a highly respected lawyer is what impressed Harvey to hire Mike in the first place. Learning the ropes of law from the emotionally distant Harvey while being highly empathetic and considerate himself, Mike often butts heads with Harvey but is quite loyal to him. Motivated and resilient with great flair for inter-personal relationships, Sales trainees are miniature versions of Sales Leaders but never in all aspects!




"At this firm, we instruct, we advise, we order, we must, but we do not shall!", sounds familiar? In love with driving the operations of the firm and more in love with holding on to the decision-making power, Litt is the senior partner and one of the top most executives at Pearson Hardman. Considered to be the direct opponent of Harvey, their rivalry can be more attributed to business than personal problems. From training the lower order associates on the basics and functioning of the organization to planning for requirements and influencing and improving operational efficiency and performance, Litt can pretty much be a mirror image of your COO. To add to that the concept of COO does not find acceptance everywhere and the CEO and Sales leaders tend to take up additional responsibilities, Litt feels overlooked too, doesn't he?



Individuals differ and their responses to situations do too but comparisons of this sort are great to get a partial view of the internal, psychological workings of various employees and management folks in an organization. These studies will enhance the organizational knowledge of Business / HR Managers and Recruiters and will help in not only choosing right candidates from the enormous candidate pool but also appreciate and forge better inter-personal relationships with their existing colleagues.


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