How To Keep Your Team Happy

With your customers, your staff is the fuel to your business. Successful companies always encourage their staff to be effective and progressive. However, a productive team does not necessarily mean a happy team. Happiness does matter in business, like it matters in everyone's life. How do successful entrepreneurs and sales team leaders keep their employees as effective and happy as they possibly can? Here are a few tips to start with.

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Not directly, of course, but set goals for your team – let their competitive sides come out. This works better if the goals are different and unique. This keeps your workforce from being bored about the same, monotonous routine of work. However, set goals that will be challenging AND beneficial to your company. Additionally, remember that the goals you set are not impossible, you do not want to frustrate your workers, just challenge them.


As much as possible, inspire your workers. Stop referring to the business as “my company” and begin saying “our company” – this, too, will spark your workers interest. Inspiring your work staff is not limited to pep talks and inspirational words. You can also inspire them with your own interest. If a team is given a goal where the captain is also struggling along with them to make it happen, the team is more dedicated to bringing good results.

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As a manager, it is your duty to keep track. Anytime you sway from that responsibility, so do the other team members. Also, keeping track can prove to be resourceful: if you see a work staff is lacking, you can immediately get them back on track, and if they are doing great, you can encourage them to achieve more. Businesses that overlook the simple act of measuring success and productivity are likely to not meet success and productivity, either. It's your job to find the right balance.


To put it frankly, your workers are paid staff, not slaves and they deserve to be treated just as well. You should be strict but you should also have a good relationship with your workers. Many managers forget the “human” aspect of work and only focus on professional habits – this makes the workers frustrated because they are literally working in a dull environment. Don't be just your worker’s boss but also be their mentor. Help them where they struggle and teach them more of your knowledge and you will have a team that is loyal to you and dedicated to your business.


This is a shaky aspect – you cannot be too lenient and you cannot be too rigid either, hence you need to be flexible. Understand that a team is likely to fail sometimes and may not always reach the goals you have set. However, if you use these failures as an attempt to drive in your workers’ more determination, then the following results are bound to be improved. Give your team the flexibility of input: when they fail, gather them around and ask for a better solution. This will not only provide new and creative ideas but also an enthusiastic team that feels obliged to provide hard work where they are empowered.

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